Being scared as a singer does not work. Excited-sure. Nervous - understandable.

But scared....NOPE!!

Ironically, each stuck singer thinks they are the ONLY scared, stuck singer. However, it's quite the contrary. Almost EVERY vocalist I’ve coached in the last 15 years has come to me hesitant, scared, intimidated, or stuck in some way that makes them play small. Do you think that’s a coincidence?

I understand that space- FEAR keeps us from enjoying a purposeful life that’s fulfilling, creative and free from the fear of criticism, failing or compromising.

The truth is, I did not start to feel like I was flying until I let myself be the singer God created me to be and I’ve helped hundreds of 1:1 clients do the same thing. 

Ironically, there’s only one way to be yourself. And that’s by being, but the path to that may take some help.





... Found yourself frustrated watching other singers follow their dream or even worst, muster up the courage to release your own music and it FLOPS. 


This led me to think that I didn't like singing. But the truth is, I didn't like the industry culture, the unfair image expectations, the fear of being rejected, or the lack of control and income. I COMBINED MY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE IN VOICE, BUSINESS AND FEAR COACHING, re-launched my vocal career and made an extra $23,732.86 with one client, no email list, social media following, or blog. And I've helped artists around the world do the same thing.

Now, I have the tools, passion and clear road map to share with you so that you can achieve bigger success WITH deep peace... quicker!

Sing Brave
Overcome your fears and move past stuck, self-sabotaging behavior patterns


Master vocal technique and confidently tackle high, loud and long notes


Begin your unique path, for your unique voice, in your unique niche
Yes, I Want To Be Brave!

Natalie Orfilia

My first coach told me I could not sing. Then we found Amanda and she knows how to change your psyche. She helped me see I could do this. I could not have done this (signed to Epic records & online following of 73K) without her. 

Taylor Smith

Amanda is absolutely phenomenal! Great energy, which gets you in great spirits. Beautiful, cozy and loving atmosphere as well! I would definitely recommend Amanda. It all starts with you ,with anything that you are trying to accomplish. Amanda will help you understand just what you need to understand!

Liv Roskos

Amanda is EXCEPTIONAL! I came to her during a life transition and she helped me find my voice and LOVE IT! I'm now a recording and traveling artist all because of her. 




Hi! I'm Amanda Pettaway your friendly and fearless vocal coach. I'm the creator of the Brave Voice Retreat, an immersive and deeply transformative awakening into your strongest, calmest self.  Propel from fears and into a healed mindset that helps you sing brave, hit your notes and make your dream a reality. 

Since the age of 5, I’ve been singing and touring ... "for fun". Subconsciously, I believed my voice was average and that I could never truly transform the world as a singer so I worked to succeed at everything ELSE.  Then came the 2008 recession- and God made me an offer I could not refuse. 

And now, I am going to do the same thing for you!




As a Black woman in music, I’ve landed dream gigs, negotiated contract increases and consulted emerging recording artist. How?

What makes you rich is your niche. 

That’s right, in an internet sea of singers,  your look, values, even texture of voice IS your greatest asset. Exploding through Fear Tiers as an artist is fundamental so you can share your voice with the world.



As a musician Amanda, strives for excellence and that transfers into her teaching. She is incredibly gifted in identifying and encouraging ones strength whilst building on ones weakness.


Amanda is such a great teacher. She helped me embrace the texture of my voice while giving me skills to improve it. Not to mention she is hilarious and I feel comfortable around her.

Sheila Fortson

I tell everyone I know - if you want to become a great singer, take courses from won't regret it. 


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"I came to Amanda because she’s the best.  I saw her perform and heard about the way she frees vocalists. I needed clarity and courage as a singer and she delivered." - Emily Burton